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Best keypad mobile under 1000

If you are looking for a good mobile under 1000 rupees is a best place to buy basic keypad phone in India.  Smartphone may have taken over the mobile phone market but there is still a place for basic mobile phones which are cheap but very effective for basic use and long lasting life. These basic mobile phones are very handy when your basic need is making and receiving calls. Don’t expect too much features from these simple mobile phones as they are only meant for providing you good call quality and long battery backup.

Advantages of Basic Mobile Phones

Some of the  various advantages of basic mobile phones below 1000 Rs. in India.

Very Cheap – Yes these basic mobile phones are dead cheap and you can even get them even under 1k rupees. Also you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or damaged much as they are not expensive as the modern day smart phones.

Easier to Carry – These basic mobile phones are small in size because they have smaller display screen. This makes them very portable and easier to carry in your pockets whereas smart phones with 5 inches or bigger screens are difficult to carry in pockets and special care is to be taken when putting them in and out of the pockets.

Robust – Basic mobile phones are generally rough and tough and you don’t have to worry about them if you drop them on the ground.

Better Network Reception – These mobiles have strong antenna and it results in better reception and call quality as compared to most of the smart phones. That’s why the calling quality is far better than the smart phone.

Longer Battery Life – These mobile phones do not come with bigger high resolution screen or powerful processor and this makes their battery to last relatively longer than the smart phones. The battery of some of these basic mobile phones can last up to 5 days or even more.

Best Basic Mobile Phones under 1000 Rupees in India

  • Infocus F110
  • Haier M311
  • Aqua NEO
  • Intex Eco 110
  • Karbon K190
  • Hitech Yuva
  • IBall Crown
  • Intex Eco 105
  • Aqua Vibes

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