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Keypad mobile advantage and disadvantage

Keypad mobile advantage and disadvantage

In the modern generation and technical youth mind have seen and experienced a lot of conveniences brought about by modern trend gadgets. Among the variety of gadgets with extended functionalities which make ease of life that emerged and achieved great heights during the last decade were cellular phones with full QWERTY/ button based phone. These types of phones have given the user a miniaturized version of a fully functional computer keyboard packed into a cell phone. However, before you decide to buy one of them which feature full QWERTY keypads, try to look first at their advantages and disadvantages in order to get whether you need such phones in your present use.

Perhaps the most popular advantage of QWERTY keypads on a cellular phone is that you get to use that familiar, albeit miniaturized version keyboard that you usually use when you work on your computer. The placement of keys on cellular phones with keypads is similar to that of a regular sized keyboard that you use on most computers. The arrival of smart phones with word processing applications created the need to have those keypads on cell phones.

Having this type of keypad would enable you to use both thumbs to rapidly type in the words you wanted without waiting for a few seconds to lapse before you thumb in another combination for a single letter just like in regular cellular phone models. Cell phones with QWERTY keypads, in effect, would save you a lot of time when you write emails or documents that you need in your daily routine. Try to imagine you are in an area where intermittent phone signals happen and you need to type in an SMS mail message to somebody back at the office. If you will be using the regular keypads found on most phones, you would undoubtedly be spending three times the time you would have spent using a cellular phone with full keypads.

Even in modern generation going to adopt touch based phone rather than QWERTY , We will explain how QWERTY IS FAR BETTER THAN MODERN PHONES.


1- In our nation mostly population live in rural area and most of the people are completely depend on phone because they live outside for earning. And still the electricity is the main issue in India rural areas. So QWERTY phone batteries are long lasting and help people to stay connected to each others.

2- Easy to understand the features

3- Very cost effective in respect to modern phones

4- if you have a rough use of phone and you not taking care of phone than qwerty is best option

5- all basic features are available in qwerty keypad

6- Keypad phone is best option if you need a Stephaney communication

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